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seo for attorneys

Have you recently started your own law firm? Or you’ve been practicing law for years but aren’t getting the online attention you hoped for. SEO for attorneys can be the key to unlocking more clients and growing your business. Getting on page one of search engines takes work, but is completely doable if you know where to start. Follow this guide to begin optimizing your website and content to rank higher in organic search results.

Focus on Creating Helpful, Informative Content

Quality content is essential for SEO for attorneys. You need to create blog posts, articles, videos, and web pages that potential clients find helpful and want to share. Focus on addressing common legal questions and issues your target demographic encounters. Offer them clear, actionable advice and information in easy-to-understand language. Sprinkle in relevant keywords and synonyms throughout your content without over-optimizing or awkward phrasing. The more insightful your content, the more signals search engines will receive about your relevance and authority on legal topics.

Optimize On-Page Elements for SEO

While content may be king for SEO, on-page optimizations are also vital. Ensure you have keyword-optimized page titles and descriptions to catch searchers’ attention. Use heading tags to break up text and make it scannable. Craft compelling meta descriptions to entice searchers to click and check out your pages. Include keywords naturally in the text of your pages as well. Technical elements like site speed, security protocols, structured data, alt text, and internal linking also contribute to better SEO for attorneys.

Build High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks remain one of the strongest ranking factors for SEO. As an attorney site just starting out, earning authoritative backlinks can provide a needed boost. Guest posts on reputable legal blogs and publications to land quality links. Refresh old content to attract new links as time passes. Promote your best content on social media to drive referral traffic and net a few backlinks. Having other credible sites link back to your domain signals to Google that your content provides value worthy of endorsement through links.

SEO for attorneys requires learning and staying on top of best practices as algorithms change. But the payoff for ranking well can equal landing more cases and achieving your revenue goals. According to Word Stream, in just this past year, 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets. If you’re looking for help with SEO, let us help you. Call ProCounsel Marketing now to learn more.

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