Top 50 Keywords for Estate Planning SEO

Keyword search for estate planning seo

Keywords for Estate Planning SEO 

In legal marketing, targeting the right keywords is critical for driving qualified leads. The keywords you choose for your estate planning SEO will make or break your campaigns. This post delves into the top 50 keywords you should consider incorporating into your estate planning campaigns, categorized by intent and theme. Research your specific location and target audience to refine these choices for maximum impact. Be sure to review Google Keyword Planner for specific search numbers and competition difficulty.

High-Intent Keywords:

  1. estate planning attorney near me
  2. living will and trust attorney [city]
  3. probate lawyer [city]
  4. power of attorney lawyer
  5. trust and estate attorney
  6. free estate planning consultation
  7. cost of estate planning [city]
  8. how to choose an estate planning attorney
  9. benefits of estate planning
  10. what happens if you die without a will
  11. how to create a living will
  12. how to create a trust
  13. probate court [city]
  14. inheritance lawyer
  15. tax planning for estate planning

Informational Keywords:

  1. what is estate planning?
  2. different types of wills
  3. what is a living trust?
  4. power of attorney explained
  5. guardianship vs conservatorship
  6. intestacy laws in [state]
  7. what happens during probate?
  8. avoiding probate with a trust
  9. digital assets in estate planning
  10. estate planning for blended families
  11. estate planning for unmarried couples
  12. planning for long-term care
  13. disability planning
  14. charitable giving through estate planning
  15. pet trusts

Location-Specific Keywords:

  1. [city, state] estate planning attorney
  2. top estate planning attorneys in [city]
  3. [neighborhood] estate lawyer
  4. [county] probate lawyer
  5. free estate planning seminar near me

Long-Tail Keywords:

  1. estate planning for high net worth individuals
  2. estate planning for small businesses
  3. how to contest a will
  4. what to do after someone dies
  5. how to find missing heirs
  6. reducing estate taxes
  7. tax benefits of revocable living trusts
  8. asset protection in estate planning
  9. digital legacy planning
  10. ethical considerations in estate planning
  11. navigating family dynamics in estate planning
  12. estate planning for special needs individuals
  13. military estate planning
  14. estate planning for immigrants
  15. online will making services vs. attorney


  • Combine location and intent keywords like “probate attorney in San Francisco” or “free estate planning consultation Seattle.”
  • Utilize negative keywords to exclude irrelevant searches like “free online will” or “DIY estate planning.”
  • Regularly monitor and update your keyword strategy based on performance and evolving trends.

Remember, effective attorney marketing goes beyond just keywords. Create high-quality content, optimize your website, leverage social media, and track your results to attract clients and grow your practice. If you would like help creating a marketing plan, please reach out to us at ProCounsel Marketing.

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