How Mobile Advertising Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

As an estate planning attorney looking to grow your practice, mobile advertising presents a huge opportunity to connect with leads and increase conversions. With so many people now relying on their smartphones and tablets, having an effective mobile marketing strategy is essential. Here’s what an estate planning attorney marketing service can do for you.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

The first key step is ensuring your law firm’s website is fully optimized for mobile users. According to HubSpot, by 2024, mobile advertising spending is projected to reach nearly $400 billion. With the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile, a site that hasn’t been mobile-optimized will suffer. Work with your web developer to create a responsive design that adapts seamlessly to smaller screens. Also, be sure that key landing pages like your service and contact pages are easy to navigate on mobile phones.

Target Geofenced Locations

Geofencing allows you to target customers within a defined geographic area, ideal for an estate planning attorney marketing service looking to reach local leads. You can geofence locations like retirement communities, financial institutions, and even competitors’ offices to display ads to nearby mobile users. Drive foot traffic to your firm or schedule consultations by advertising directly to people in relevant areas.

Retarget Website Visitors

One effective mobile strategy is to retarget people who have already visited your website. Serving them additional ads on their mobile devices reminds them about your services and nurtures them as prospects. For example, if someone reads your estate planning content but doesn’t contact you right away, retargeting keeps your firm top of mind. Personalized, relevant mobile ads can turn website visitors into conversions.

Utilize Click-to-Call Ads

For law firms, call tracking is crucial. Mobile click-to-call ads make it easy for prospects to call your firm directly from an ad with one tap. For example, they can click a “Consultation Request” button that phones your office. This allows you to track exactly where calls originate from to determine the ROI of your mobile spend. Prioritize click-to-call ads to drive phone inquiries from targeted mobile users.

Making your mobile marketing strategy a priority gives your estate planning practice an edge in an increasingly mobile world. Follow these tips tailored to attorneys, and you’ll be on your way to growing your business with mobile advertising. Remember – prospects are searching for estate planning solutions on their devices every day. Meet them where they already are, and you’ll increase conversions. When your law firm is looking to increase its conversion rates, let our estate planning attorney marketing service help. Call ProCounsel Marketing now to learn more.

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