How Do the Best Legal Marketing Firms Keep Up to Date on Trends for Lawyers?

Providing effective SEO requires experts to constantly evolve with the legal industry and each client’s practice. The top SEO and marketing firms, utilize several key strategies to stay up-to-date on the specific needs of attorneys and law firms, ensuring their business or lawyer website SEO is always the best it can be. Here’s how firms stay up to date on trends.

Ongoing Training

Experts invest heavily in ongoing training to ensure our skills reflect the latest legal SEO best practices. Teams regularly take courses on recent Google algorithm changes, ranking factor updates, schema markup, and other technical topics that impact search visibility. They also study broader legal marketing trends to advise on a comprehensive strategy. For example, experts will know that, according to Hubspot, Google accounts for 95% of the global search market share.

Industry Collaboration

Experts actively collaborate with other professionals such as web developers, social media marketers, and advertising specialists, to get wider perspectives beyond just SEO. Working with these experts helps teams discover new solutions to common lawyer website challenges. This collaboration sparks creative ideas for better serving our clients.

Client Communication

Clients are the most valuable resource. Teams will schedule quarterly calls with all clients to get direct feedback on their current challenges, goals, and pain points. Lawyers will explain directly what services would help their practice right now. These insights guide us in tailoring our SEO recommendations to each client’s evolving needs.

Analytics Monitoring

Teams will closely monitor lawyer website SEO analytics for each client to detect changes in performance. If a firm notices sudden traffic drops, new popular content, or shifts in conversions, they adapt their SEO approach accordingly. Analytics reveal how client needs are changing month-to-month so adjustments can be made.

Market Research

Firms will regularly research legal industry trends, topics getting media and public attention, new legal technologies, and changing regulations. This helps us identify relevant lawyer website SEO opportunities that align with hot topics and consumer interests. They integrate these themes into content and optimization strategies.

By constantly educating ourselves, communicating with clients, collaborating with partners, and researching legal markets, our legal SEO firm stays right on top of lawyers’ needs as they change. Our focus is on providing the most relevant services to help each attorney and firm succeed. This dedication to understanding clients sets us apart. When your law firm is looking for a marketing company that has experience with digital marketing for legal professionals, reach out to ProCounsel Marketing for expert help.

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