How Can a Professionally-Designed Website Enhance SEO?

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We all know an eye-catching custom website design is crucial for making the best first impression and showcasing your business or brand. However, did you know that partnering with a professional website design service can also optimize your site for search engines, significantly improving your SEO at the same time? Let’s dive into some key ways a well-executed website design enhances critical factors that search algorithms look for.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Layout

According to Hubspot, 52% of the general population primarily uses mobile search. With the majority of web traffic now coming from smartphones and tablets, having a mobile-friendly responsive layout is absolutely essential. A quality website design service will craft page layouts, navigation menus, and content that seamlessly adapt to compact screens on any device. This avoids frustrating pinching, zooming, and poorly formatted content that often drives visitors to click away on phones. A mobile-optimized site improves a page’s ranking.

Faster Page Loading Speeds

Slow load times continue to be penalized in search rankings and lead to higher bounce rates as visitors quickly lose patience. An expert design service will optimize image file sizes, efficient code, browser caching strategies, and other elements to significantly accelerate your website’s load speeds. Quicker page loads create a smoother user experience and also improve site crawlability for search engine indexing.

SSL Encryption and Security

A reputable website design shop will set up a trusted SSL certificate and make sure all site resources load securely over https://. This adds encryption and trust factors that search algorithms favor. The padlock icon also assures visitors entering personal or payment information that your website is safe to interact with.

Accessibility Compliance

Your website should be fully perceivable, operable, and understandable by all users, regardless of abilities. An experienced design service builds in ARIA roles, keyboard focus states, descriptive alt text, and other elements that meet ADA and WCAG accessibility standards. This enables optimal navigation and consumption for people with disabilities. Improved accessibility aids search bot crawling as well.

A polished, custom website design lays a sturdy technical SEO foundation while allowing your brand to shine. Partnering with a professional website design service means your business not only gets a great-looking site but one that is also optimized for search engines by incorporating responsive mobile layouts, accelerated load speeds, thoughtful information architecture, SSL security, and accessibility. When executed well, design and SEO truly go hand in hand. When you’re ready to work with a professional to design a website for your business or company that enhances SEO, reach out to us at ProCounsel Marketing.

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