3 Good Attributes of Lawyer Websites

lawyer websites

If you’re an attorney looking to improve your online presence, optimizing your website is key. Beyond just showcasing your services, quality lawyer websites can attract clients and build credibility. Here are three attributes that will boost the relevance and authority of your law firm’s site.

1. A Modern, Mobile-Friendly Design

First, make sure your lawyer websites have a clean, modern design that’s mobile-friendly. Remember, over 60% of traffic comes from smartphones and tablets these days. If your site doesn’t adapt well or is hard to navigate on small screens, you’ll turn visitors away. Employ a simple layout with plenty of white space. Use large buttons and legible fonts. Confirm that pages load quickly even with poor connectivity. Test your website on multiple devices to catch issues. A functional mobile experience shows you’re tech-savvy.

2. Helpful Legal Resources

You also want to include helpful legal resources on your attorney websites. For example, incorporate a blog with articles addressing common legal questions. 60% of marketers say that their highest quality source of leads is inbound, such as SEO and blog content. Share tips for going through divorce or fighting traffic tickets. Providing free guidance builds trust and authority. Other options include legal guides, checklists, calculators, and video content. The more value you offer visitors, the more they’ll perceive you as an expert resource. Just make sure resources are truly useful, not just self-promotion.

3. Professional Visuals

Finally, visual aesthetics matter on legal sites. Incorporate photos and videos depicting your practice areas, team, and office. Opt for friendly, approachable images over stuffy headshots. Infographics and statistic visuals also engage visitors. But make sure all the imagery looks professional, not like cheesy stock photos. Poor visuals undermine your credibility. Hire a skilled designer if needed to create custom graphics and site photos. A polished, lawyer website inspires confidence in visitors.

An appealing, mobile lawyer website coupled with helpful legal resources and visuals grabs attention in a crowded market. Visitors instantly recognize you as a trusted resource rather than just another law firm. If you’re looking for help creating or marketing lawyer websites, reach out to ProCounsel Marketing today to get the expert website development and other digital marketing services you need. We look forward to speaking with you!

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